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The Institut Curie is supporting the opening of Junior Group Leader positions on its research campus in central Paris, including one in our department (Genetics and Developmental Biology).

We are looking for young investigators broadly interested in developmental and cell biology including organogenesis, morphogenesis, stem cells and physiology. 

Appropriate laboratory space for 6 persons and a start-up package will be available. Successful candidates should meet criteria to obtain national and international funding, and for French institutional research positions (CNRS or Inserm).

Applications should be sent to  call.umr3215@curie.fr, and should include:

- a personal statement explaining why you are interested in joining our entity

- a 3/4 research plan

- a full CV (academic track, publications, patents, awards and fellowships, invited conferences, and teaching/training experience).

- contact details of 3/5 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters


Deadline for applications is June 30th 2015.

Short-listed candidates will be invited for interviews, to present their past achievements and research proposal and to visit our structure. 


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